I can’t begin to think how many times I showed up at a race, with a plan to go a certain time and get a certain place.  Now, let’s take into account this is an Xterra, off-road triathlon, where mother nature can actually control some of the outcome.  For many years showing up at the Xterra world champs in Maui, this could not have been any more prevalent.  I would try to go sub-three so many times, but ocean currents, wet bike courses, or extended run courses would not allow for the time I was aiming.  As frustrating as it was, I was still finishing high up in my division.

Last year I decided to take on a new train of thought.  I said to my training partner, this is going to be our new thought process.   We are going to focus on the process and not the desired outcome.  Hence, “Howfit” was born. This is now transitioned into “Howfit Training.”  We focused on what we could control.  We worked on how fast all of our legs of Xterra could become.  We wanted to go quicker in the pool, nail our threshold efforts on the bike, and see just how strong we might get on the run.  Our speeds got progressively faster, our power got stronger and our trail running was as lethal as ever.   All while just focusing on howfit can we get.

Now we move ahead to the races and how this philosophy would work in our favor.  First try, at Xterra Alabama, and my training partner pulled down a win and got a second place.  Next race in our own backyard at Xterra Beaver Creek, and we both won our divisions, he was second amateur and I was forth amateur.  From here on out we had stellar seasons, both winning four races, and I was able to repeat winning my age-group at the Xterra national champs.

I love the philosophy I have adopted and will continue to train myself, and my athletes, with this frame of mind.  Howfit is about the body and also about the mind.  If you are working hard and focusing on the daily process, not stressing about how the race might go, then you are lining yourself up with the best way to train, howfit.