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Your focus on commitment pays off – there are no shortcuts in training. You can’t always predict your results, but you can always predict your effort level. A big part of training is knowing, listening to and understanding your body – just when you think you are going as hard as you can, you can always push a little harder!

My beliefs are simple and conscience. Everyone can perform at their best and continue to improve everyday. With strong, focused efforts and good consistency, we can reach the goals we strive to attain. Having the right plan in motion, with good science-based evidence to back it, allows the pieces to fall where they should. With hard work, good nutrition and plenty of rest, your plan can begin to take full effect. Creating a good training plan to optimize our time, is key to staying focused on our goals.

My philosophy is consistent with clients who want to get stronger or become a better endurance athlete. I believe that time spent focusing on goals needs to be prioritized to be effective. Not everyone has the entire day to train and do multiple workouts, get extra rest, and increase recovery efforts. We need to utilize mode, frequency, duration, and most importantly, the intensity of training sessions. My belief is simple: plan well and prioritize your training time and we can have a lot fun getting to the fitness level you desire.

Let’s achieve your goals together.

The key to fitness, like anything in life, is consistency. The more consistent we become with exercise, nutrition, sleep and hydration, the more successful we can become. Having good guidance, along with a good plan, is necessary to achieving and maintaining a solid fitness base. Many of us aspire to race and perform at higher levels, which requires setting goals, implementing a plan and focusing on achieving what we set out to do. Having a solid foundation of best practices and fundamentals will make your goals more attainable. Goals need to be long term as well as short. We will map  where we are going, so we know exactly what we need to do to get there. Being consistent through our training will enable us to improve and reach our goals and strive for new ones.

Healthy Pain, Healthy Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

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Client Testimonials

Rife has pushed me in ways I didn’t even know how to push myself. I know I’m training at the right level with him. He holds me accountable. I trust that I’ll be ready for my first Iron Man working with him, and I know I would not be ready without him.

~ Monica

My wife and I have had the good fortune to train with Rife for the past few years, in our goal to become better XTerra competitors.  We immediately found that Rife is a passionate, flexible and at the same time a demanding coach!  

Rife provides good, worthwhile workouts for us and he always goes the extra mile – providing one-on-one workouts together, and advice in the pool.  He is also a friend to us and cares – and to me, this is his best attribute, and you don’t see this with all coaches.  Many a time we have both gotten a phone call asking about how a particular workout went, or why we didn’t get up and go for a wake up run!  

All in all – my wife and I both continue to get stronger (even as we get older) and we owe a lot of our fitness to Rife!

~ Debra and Barry Monroe

I have been training with Rife for 2 years. When I first met him, he quickly assessed my strengths and weaknesses.
Rife pushes me to more and work harder with the right amount of authority as well as a sense of humor.

I am quite a bit older than most of the people at the gym, but Rife’s philosophy that “age is not an excuse” is true not only at the gym, but throughout life.

~ Norm Vogel

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